Customizing Your Train

Choose Your Locomotive

Electric Engine

48V Electric Engine. 10 HP. 5000 lbs. towing strength. Green Technologies.

BellaTori ® Locomotive is suitable for all sort of venues; versatile enough for indoor malls, FEC and robust enough for outdoor application such as Theme Parks, festivals, promotional and special events, Zoos, Parks and Botanical Gardens

Gas Powered Engine

Great for rental business! Cost effective yet elegant! Comfortable and Spacious in design, American Freedom GO can carry up to 24 kids and adults. A true Family Train!

It is designed as a party rental train as well as an off road transportation option. Equipped with luxurious marine leather seating and suspension; AFGO promises to set you apart from the cheap fiberglass competitors.

Demand higher rental rates and achieve more bookings TODAY with American Freedom GO custom- made train!

Diesel Powered Engine

For those serious commercial buyers who demand long hours of operation and challenging terrain. A true people mover!

Choose Your Wagon

BellaTori ® Style wagon. Made with treated wood, hardwood trims. A Classic.

BellaTori ® Style wagon. Made with High Density Polyethylene material. Better price point without compromising the look.

American Freedom GO Style wagon – Single axle with leaf springs. Bigger Chassis, durable and excels in exterior use and challenging terrain.

BellaTori ® Deluxe Wagon – Fusion between the BellaTori ® wagon and the versatility of the American Freedom GO chassis. Carries up to 6 adults.