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Quality Material:

It is all in the detail and authenticity…

State of the art EV (Electric Vehicle) technologies. Our electric engine is a TIME TESTED, expertly engineered and commercially proven model. 10 HP and 5000 lbs. towing strength. Best in the marketplace.

Solid Steel Frame Work. A highly skilled and experienced welder/metal fabricator artfully fabricates your locomotive. The underlying foundation of the locomotive is solid and durable.

To top it off, the locomotive receives the utmost delicate and arduous automotive paint processes. The end result – a mirror finish that rivals a luxury automobile. A true testament to good quality automotive paint and experienced automotive paint craftsman/finisher.

Our automotive paint process extends to our wagon panels as well. Each panel is sanded, primed, and sealed twice, 2 coats of automotive color and 2 coats of automotive clear.

Our trims are NOT plastic. We use real hardwood, handmade and handcrafted to perfection on each window.

Rubber bumper adds safety and protection to all sides of the wagons.

Line –X Coating for all the rooftop. Sealed and protected for all weather condition.

Fully Customizable:

We build your train….we’re not just selling ours!

Why choose from standard colors when you can FULLY customize your train? We offer complete branding, graphics, and design customization. Best of all, customization is included in the price!


Hand made in America, the BellaTori and American Freedom GO Trains both require 200 plus hours of handcrafted artisan work.

At True American Classics, your train is meticulously crafted and customized. Our trains are completely assembled in-house and inspected before they ever leave our doors.

Special Features (optional):

AC motor upgrade. 20% more efficient power utilization. Charges faster and great for challenging terrain.

AGM Batteries. Less Maintenance. Faster recharge time. No terminal corrosion. Longer lifespan
Soft Solid Tire or Foam Filled Tire. No flat tire ever.

Choose your own color to match. Custom color and custom trains are our specialty!

Extira® panels for outdoor application. The Extira® treated wood is specifically designed for exterior use. Most frequently used in the sign business and even marine applications. It is a moisture, rot and termite resistant material.

Moving Wheels rotating in tandem with the sounds of the locomotive awakens the imagination of your patrons!

Railroad Crossing Sign with working lights. Ticket Booths. Train Stations.

LED lights underneath the wagons create spectacular ambient lighting.

Advertising Frames on top of the wagon or on the side of the wagon.

eCashier Kiosk ticketing system for zero shrinkage.

Magnetic Side Panel increases advertising opportunity.

Sonar sensor with automatic stop and override button available for super busy locations with pedestrians.

Complete your train with the addition of Working Smoke Stack (12V DC fogger) or the Working
Vintage Steam Whistle Sound with compressed air. With the touch of a button, your train becomes more than a piece of art, it comes ALIVE. Our smoke machine is safe and non-toxic allowing it to be used indoors or out.

ADA access caboose.