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Choose your locomotive:

Begin by determining which engine type is suitable for your operating environment.

Electric Engine:

48V Electric Engine. 10 HP. 5000 lbs. towing strength. Green Technologies.

BellaTori ® Locomotive is suitable for all sort of venues; versatile enough for indoor malls, FEC and robust enough for outdoor application such as Theme Parks, festivals, promotional and special events, Zoos, Parks and Botanical Gardens

Gas Powered Engine:

Great for rental business! Cost effective yet elegant! Comfortable and Spacious in design, American Freedom GO can carry up to 24 kids and adults. A true Family Train!

It is designed as a party rental train as well as an off road transportation option. Equipped with luxurious marine leather seating and suspension; AFGO promises to set you apart from the cheap fiberglass competitors.

Demand higher rental rates and achieve more bookings TODAY with American Freedom GO custom- made train!

Diesel Powered Engine:

For those serious commercial buyers who demand long hours of operation and challenging terrain. A true people mover!

Choose your Wagon:

BellaTori ® Style wagon. Made with treated wood, hardwood trims. A Classic.

BellaTori ® Style wagon. Made with High Density Polyethylene material. Better price point without compromising the look.

American Freedom GO Style wagon – Single axle with leaf springs. Bigger Chassis, durable and excels in exterior use and challenging terrain.

BellaTori ® Deluxe Wagon – Fusion between the BellaTori ® wagon and the versatility of the American Freedom GO chassis. Carries up to 6 adults.